The Town of Rockingham is working with the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation to review the development needs in our community. A group of professionals from all sectors have created the Rockingham Incremental Development Working Group. Housing was deemed one of the priorities.

The Town of Rockingham has put together resources that we (Rockingham Incremental Development Working Group) are posting on the Town’s website. Please view this page for updated information, rather than BFDDA updating our page each time –

Here are some more resources

Incremental Development Alliance (IDA), a non-profit alliance of practitioners, helps identify where policies and practices are unnecessary barriers while partnering with local organizations to improve the financial and regulatory ecosystem for small development projects. “Today, city-building is dominated by large developers with institutional investors who build in big chunks like subdivisions and shopping centers. However, the neighborhoods we love most tend to be ones that were built gradually over generations. That is what we mean by incremental development: small projects by local people over a long period of time. At IncDev, we call these small projects STEP Buildings. STEP Buildings are both a process and a product. They are the one-step-at-a-time approach to building cities that improve with age. They are also a suite of time-tested building types that we all know and love.” Example from Portland, Maine.

IDA was hired to provide direct technical assistance to the Town of Rockingham. This initiative is partially funded and staffed through Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation’s Southern Vermont Economy Project, made possible through USDA RCDI (Rural Community Development Initiative). These recorded sessions are part of the three-month direct technical assistance.  The technical assistance is also funded by Vermont Council on Rural Development, Vermont Natural Resources Council, Preservation Trust of Vermont, Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, and Vermont Community Foundation.

Rockingham Incremental Development Working Group (RIDWG) has been formed. If you would like to participate, please contact Betsy Thurston at BFDDA at or 802-460-2333. For details on the project, please view this webpage Inc Dev Working Group Resources — Town of Rockingham (

Check out this IDA example of a small scale street calming project in Columbus, Georgia

Before the Traffic Calming, During and After