Rockingham Area Wide Plan

Public input to the Area Wide Plan for the Bellows Falls Island and Bellows Falls Under the Hill:

The four presentation boards presented at the public meeting on August 12 can be found at the following link, as well as voting results thus far – to which we will add voting and comments from responses here:

The voting is to

  1. Pick a concept that you want to include (title at the bottom of the presentation boards) so: “Mixed-Use Village” or “Industrial Focus” or “Walk, Culture, Restore”, or “Canal Place”. E-mail that choice to Bellows Falls Areawide Plan
  2. Pick 5 aspects from the boards (can be from multiple boards) such as “New Industrial Development”, “Fire Pits above Canal”, “Bridge St Mixed-Use Infill”, “New Walking Loop – New River Overlooks option”, and “Elevated Suspension Pedestrian Bridge over the canal”; and e-mail them to: Bellows Falls Areawide Plan
  3. General or specific comments and input are welcome.

The team will compile the input and work towards some unified design vision for presentation in September/October.