BFDDA Board – Zoom meeting


July 9, 2020

Location: Zoom

Bellows Falls, VT


Call to order

Minutes of the June 12, 2020 regular meeting TABLED

Treasurer’s Report: 

  • All bills paid up to date as of 6/30/2020
  • Last paycheck given to Mary Helen
  • Debit card returned to file in office, awaiting new hire
  • Withholding forms and checks sent in
  • Emailed Shannon at Town Hall for $7500 distribution.  Pat confirmed verbally with Shannon 7/7/20

Director’s Report: 

Pushed info to businesses regularly and attended relevant webinars

Transition documents in binder & in excel file on computer – task list, passwords

Committee Reports:

Organization –interviews conducted with 3 candidates 

Promotions  – Collaboration with trails on marketing piece


Economic Restructuring- Town Selectboard Proposal on Street Fairs in the Square (Gary) 

Old Business: Membership

New Business: Annual meeting etc Board Candidates

Executive Session on Personnel Matter

Other business/Announcements: 


“Our mission is downtown”